March Books of the Month: The Thinking Girl's Treasury of Dastardly Dames plus a Special Giveaway

Happy March everyone and do I have a treat for you! March's Books of the Month are from Goosebottom Books’ second series, The Thinking Girl’s Treasury of Dastardly Dames, which explores the lives of some of the most fascinating women in history, each of whom got labeled with a terrible nickname. While satisfying tweens' tastes for something a little darker, the series also appeals to its readers’ powers of analysis and sense of fairness—asking if these women’s nicknames were just. Each woman’s story is presented in rich historical and cultural context, with gorgeous original gouache paintings by Peter Malone, as well as photographs of artifacts, reproductions of archival paintings, maps, and timelines.

Just have a gander at page from Marie Antoinette:  'Madame Deficit.'  Isn't it gorgeous and a perfect way to introduce your pre-teen daughter (or son) to some of the world's most dastardly dames.  I'm not sure that I agree with including Marie Antoinette amongst Mary Tudor, Catherine de Medici, Cixi, Cleopatra and Agrippina.  Personally, I would have included her in Goosebottom book's other series, The Thinking Girl's Treasury of Real Princesses. Still, I had fun reading these books and reacquainting myself with some of my favorite royal women.

Goosebottom books have generously sent me a copy of three of the books in their Dastardly Dames series, Marie Antoinette, Mary Tudor and Catherine de Medici.  It seems a shame to keep them all to myself.  Since March is Women's History Month and since Scandalous Women is about to celebrate 1,000,000 page views, I thought it only fitting that we have a little giveaway here on the blog. I can't believe I haven't given anything away since November!

One lucky winner will receive all three books, Catherine De Medici, Mary Tudor & Marie Antoinette from The Dastardly Dames series. Here are the rules for the giveaway. This giveaway is open solely to my American readers! The contest runs from today through Friday, March 23rd.

1. Leave your name and email in the comments. Email is very important so that I can contact you for your address.
2. If you are not a follower and become one, you get an extra entry
3. If you tweet about the giveaway, you get an extra entry.

Good luck!